Friday, January 18, 2013

Life is odd and times are strange 
I am never sure of whats lying over the next hill
But still, I always try to guess with my beautiful mind
I don't mind my mind, although at times its hard to tell what its trying to say
This when i must listen to my heart and soul
with out my soul I am nothing. I am my soul
It keeps me in the here and now and allows me to go to the future of my mind without getting lost
In my heart I have always trusted. trust me
my  heart and soul are interconnected  
I have a hearty soul, or maybe its a soulful heart. I'd like both please
At times my mind leads the two astray….. they always overcome

Some days I want to disappear into the sun with you
To be swallowed into the oceans with you
Search the dark corners of the earth with you
Its a razor love, and it cuts every inch of my body for you

My body, the vessel of my existence. I thank you for my being 
Without you I would be nothing but a whisper in the breeze
A blinding beam from the warming sun
A wave fiercely crashing upon the rocks
The cleansing of cold water holes
I would be everything. I would be nothing

A story filled year that have forever changed me. memories etched into my skin and soul
Sometimes we believe what we know. Yet what we know isn't really real at all.
Or maybe it is. I will never be sure

I held my grandparents camera today
It smelt like old people
It smelt like them
Smell is such a fascinating thing
It has the incredible power to grasp your heart, transform your mind and take your soul on a little journey to another time, So distinct and so true
It has an untouchable power, for in that moment you are immersed your memories

I believed I loved and appreciated. Then they were gone
This is why I question everything I assume to know
Memories remain in simple, yet priceless possessions 
It helps me to never forget

Friends they come and go
Nails are bitten
And back they will grow
Will we reap just what you sow? 

Hand on heart
Led blindly though the dark
Don't question 
Just go
Just trust

I have size 9ish feet. They take me to where I want to go
My hands are mid size. They are invaluable
But my heart is big. It just doesn't stop growing
Oh, and my eyes, they are wide open
They will forever evade they prying eyes that seek 
The depths of my heart and soul
Very few have made it there, very few ever will

Balloon heart
Naked body
Fiery soul
Beautiful mind
I want to go to the depths of darkness, where the sun shines so bright

A man said
"People say you cant go back. So, well what happens if you get tho the cliff and you take one step forward? Or you do a 180 degree turn and talk one step forward? Which way are you going?…"
Me? I would do as Johnathan did
I would go in any direction the wind would carry me, and then some

I have hurt, I have loved
I have felt, I have cried
Big empty tears
Dear porcupine mind
Feel the fear
Lets get lost in a sea of stars
With our kaleidoscope eyes….

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